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The Suns Cinema Podcast is a weekly film podcast and radio program from Washington, D.C. hosted by David Cabrera, Ryan Hunter Mitchell, and Jason Cauley. The show features discussions, reviews and interviews centered around the programming of D.C.’s only privately-owned arthouse movie theater. Suns Cinema is located in the nearby neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Tarkovsky vs Jackie Chan

    Two of cinema's heavyweights go head to head on the the Suns Cinema Podcast.

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    Back From the Future

    Jenn Tisdale joins the podcast to talk her one true passion: Back to the Future.

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    Suns Cinema Turns Three!

    The Suns crew talks the highs and lows of their three years in business... and what's in the stars for Suns.

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    Criterion, Cassel and Comedies

    The gang discusses Ryan’s absence, The new Criterion Channel, RIP Seymour Cassel, and April at Suns with friend of the podcast, comedian Brittany Carney.

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    A League of their Own

    The guys talk about their favorite performances on screen, and the actresses who performed them. Lily Tomlin prank calls Cher.

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    The Gang Breaks Spielberg

    Suns weighs in on the Spielber vs Netflix beef, and the changing movie industry.

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    The Suns crew sits down with Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Specialist Lovely Umayam to discuss the narrative around nuclear history/politics, art and media.

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