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The Suns Cinema Podcast is a weekly film podcast and radio program from Washington, D.C. hosted by David Cabrera, Ryan Hunter Mitchell, and Jason Cauley. The show features discussions, reviews and interviews centered around the programming of D.C.’s only privately-owned arthouse movie theater. Suns Cinema is located in the nearby neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant.

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    The Suns crew sits down with Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Specialist Lovely Umayam to discuss the narrative around nuclear history/politics, art and media.

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    Sorry to Bother You, We're coming to dinner

    The Suns' team talks this year's biggest Oscar snub - the screenplay for Sorry to Bother you, and one of cinema's greatest actors Sidney Poitier.

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    Yorgos Lanthimos: Animal Lover

    Jason, David, and Ryan try to break down the films of Yorgos Lanthimos, the oscar buzzing director whose movies are featured this month at Suns Cinema. What makes his movies so funny, uncomfortable, and distinct?

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    Oscar Noms are on "Fyre"!!!

    Ryan and Jason discuss today's Oscar nominations announcement, a new streaming option for Criterion fans, and the dueling Fyre Festival docs on Netflix and Hulu.

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    Roaring Through the Shutdown

    Jason & David discuss the 1981 film ROAR and the best movies to watch during the shutdown.

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    Malört in Casablanca

    The Suns crew examines the beef between Warner Bros and the Marx Bros, while scheming on how to remedy DC's impending Malört Shortage.

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    Cassavetes and Cavett

    Celebrating the Birthday of John Cassavetes, Jason and Ryan discuss his film The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, and his mark on American independent cinema. To top it off they gush over Dick Cavett and his decades of compelling interviews.

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