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The Suns Cinema Podcast is a weekly film podcast and radio program from Washington, D.C. hosted by David Cabrera, Ryan Hunter Mitchell, and Jason Cauley. The show features discussions, reviews and interviews centered around the programming of D.C.’s only privately-owned arthouse movie theater. Suns Cinema is located in the nearby neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant.

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    Nicolas Cage Uncaged

    Artist Brandon Geurts joins the Suns pod to talk Nicolas Cage, body horror and the General Mills Cinematic Universe

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    Escape to New York

    David Goes to New York, Clint Eastwood escapes Alcatraz, the gang calls a ghost Hotline...

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    Welcome to Crime Time...

    Jenn Tisdale joins the gang to discuss DC's true crime fest: Death Becomes us, and Suns' November calendar: Down By Law.

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    Phantasm in the Produce!

    The Suns crew talks 70's cult-horror masterpiece Phantasm with friend of the show Greg Kramer, and Mariel Garcia shows up to talk Punk in the Produce, an upcoming punk show... in a grocery store...

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    The Suns gang is joined by Carl Cephas from Washington Psychotronic Society to explain the wild weird world of Cult and B-movies!

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    Do You Like Scary Movies?

    YouTube Comments, Hologram Jason, and lots more on this episode of the SUNS Cinema Podcast.

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    Attention Shoppers!

    This week the Suns Cinema crew discuss their favorite scenes from the local grocery. Mariel Garcia also joins the guys to talk about Salsa Night at Suns and her work as a DC community activist.

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    Farewell to Summer and Burt

    The Suns Cinema crew discuss the summer that was in the world of cinema and reflect on the career of movie star Burt Reynolds who passed away Sept. 6.

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    Back to School

    SUNS is going back to school with Emily Gasoi, Teacher & Candidate for Ward 1 State Board of education and Jeremy Mohler, Journalist, Mount Pleasant Resident, & occasional SUNS Cinema patron.

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