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The Suns Cinema Podcast is a weekly film podcast and radio program from Washington, D.C. hosted by David Cabrera, Ryan Hunter Mitchell, and Jason Cauley. The show features discussions, reviews and interviews centered around the programming of D.C.’s only privately-owned arthouse movie theater. Suns Cinema is located in the nearby neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Sunsforgiven Part I

    The western is the intersection of nature and civilization, of freedom and law and order, the arrival of the train and the promise of a better life and violence in hope of peace.

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    Tarkovsky vs Jackie Chan

    Two of cinema's heavyweights go head to head on the the Suns Cinema Podcast.

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    Back From the Future

    Jenn Tisdale joins the podcast to talk her one true passion: Back to the Future.

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    Suns Cinema Turns Three!

    The Suns crew talks the highs and lows of their three years in business... and what's in the stars for Suns.

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    Criterion, Cassel and Comedies

    The gang discusses Ryan’s absence, The new Criterion Channel, RIP Seymour Cassel, and April at Suns with friend of the podcast, comedian Brittany Carney.

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    A League of their Own

    The guys talk about their favorite performances on screen, and the actresses who performed them. Lily Tomlin prank calls Cher.

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    The Gang Breaks Spielberg

    Suns weighs in on the Spielber vs Netflix beef, and the changing movie industry.

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    The Suns crew sits down with Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy Specialist Lovely Umayam to discuss the narrative around nuclear history/politics, art and media.

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    Sorry to Bother You, We're coming to dinner

    The Suns' team talks this year's biggest Oscar snub - the screenplay for Sorry to Bother you, and one of cinema's greatest actors Sidney Poitier.

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    Yorgos Lanthimos: Animal Lover

    Jason, David, and Ryan try to break down the films of Yorgos Lanthimos, the oscar buzzing director whose movies are featured this month at Suns Cinema. What makes his movies so funny, uncomfortable, and distinct?

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    Oscar Noms are on "Fyre"!!!

    Ryan and Jason discuss today's Oscar nominations announcement, a new streaming option for Criterion fans, and the dueling Fyre Festival docs on Netflix and Hulu.

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    Roaring Through the Shutdown

    Jason & David discuss the 1981 film ROAR and the best movies to watch during the shutdown.

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    Malört in Casablanca

    The Suns crew examines the beef between Warner Bros and the Marx Bros, while scheming on how to remedy DC's impending Malört Shortage.

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    Cassavetes and Cavett

    Celebrating the Birthday of John Cassavetes, Jason and Ryan discuss his film The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, and his mark on American independent cinema. To top it off they gush over Dick Cavett and his decades of compelling interviews.

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    Nicolas Cage Uncaged

    Artist Brandon Geurts joins the Suns pod to talk Nicolas Cage, body horror and the General Mills Cinematic Universe

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    Escape to New York

    David Goes to New York, Clint Eastwood escapes Alcatraz, the gang calls a ghost Hotline...

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    Welcome to Crime Time...

    Jenn Tisdale joins the gang to discuss DC's true crime fest: Death Becomes us, and Suns' November calendar: Down By Law.

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    Phantasm in the Produce!

    The Suns crew talks 70's cult-horror masterpiece Phantasm with friend of the show Greg Kramer, and Mariel Garcia shows up to talk Punk in the Produce, an upcoming punk show... in a grocery store...

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    The Suns gang is joined by Carl Cephas from Washington Psychotronic Society to explain the wild weird world of Cult and B-movies!

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    Do You Like Scary Movies?

    YouTube Comments, Hologram Jason, and lots more on this episode of the SUNS Cinema Podcast.

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    Attention Shoppers!

    This week the Suns Cinema crew discuss their favorite scenes from the local grocery. Mariel Garcia also joins the guys to talk about Salsa Night at Suns and her work as a DC community activist.

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    Farewell to Summer and Burt

    The Suns Cinema crew discuss the summer that was in the world of cinema and reflect on the career of movie star Burt Reynolds who passed away Sept. 6.

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    Back to School

    SUNS is going back to school with Emily Gasoi, Teacher & Candidate for Ward 1 State Board of education and Jeremy Mohler, Journalist, Mount Pleasant Resident, & occasional SUNS Cinema patron.

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    SUNS Likes it Hot

    The Suns Cinema crew discuss the week that was at Suns including a spotlight breakdown of the little seen 1973 film "The Spook Who Sat By The Door". They also tease the cinema's August line up, Sun's Likes It Hot.

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    Talking Whitney and Living Los Sures

    The Suns Cinema crew discuss the theme of the month; Red, White and Blue Steel and chat with filmmaker Christopher Allen about Living Los Sures, a documentary series in NYC uniting the creative efforts of hundreds of artists, documentary makers and communities.

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    Caller on Line 6

    There's a very angry caller on line 6 today..

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    Fishing with Robin & Mariel

    Projectionist/Filmmaker Robin Bell and Community Organizer Mariel Garcia join the show to discuss their latest projects and coming attractions at Suns Cinema.

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    Summer Slash!

    Actor, drag queen Donna Slash joins the Suns Cinema crew to discuss trash cinema and Donna's guest curating at Suns this week. The crew also review Paul Schrader's new film, "First Reformed."

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    Waterworld - A wet June at Suns!

    The Suns Cinema crew discuss the water-themed June at the cinema in Mt. Pleasant and talk some new movies currently playing in everyone's neighborhood.

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    Memorial Memories

    The Suns Cinema crew talks Memorial Day movies and invites friend-of-the-podcast Denise Hurwitz to discuss her obsession with the movie "Titanic" with the guys.

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    Harvey "Anime" Ashton joins the Suns Cinema crew to discuss this month's anime line-up at Suns and lets the guys in on the real points of being a private detective.

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    May Day!

    The Suns Cinema crew announce May's animation- themed calendar at the cinema, they discuss the strange life and times of Christopher Lee and review "Wicker Man" and talk Marvel "Infinity War".

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    All Bongs Considered

    Special guest Bong Boilen (aka comedian Andrew Bucket) joins the crew of Suns Cinema to discuss the use of marijuana in cinema. The crew also discuss the week at Suns and review John Krasinski's new hit "A Quiet Place."

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    It's in the Tooth!

    The Suns Cinema crew discuss Reagan Era blockbusters and the fine art of dentistry in the movies through hegalian lens of their special guest Slavoj Zizek ... AKA Max. Screen reader support enabled.

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    Sorry, Wrong Number

    Comedian Jen Tisdale joins the Suns Cinema team to discuss the magic of the telephone as it relates to cinema, and the crew take to the phone lines themselves to hear from some interesting callers.

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    Youth In Revolt

    The Suns Cinema team wraps up the month of female-directors, discusses the connections of youth in revolt as it relates to the recent national march in Washington, and they take a look at the upcoming month of 80's films programmed for the cinema in April.

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    Heroin and Heroines

    The team at Suns Cinema discuss the merits of a great soundrtack

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    Tariq aka Pharoah Haaq

    Jason's out and Tariq aka Pharoah Haaq sits in to trash Betsy DeVos and defend his right to refuse to make you a cocktail.

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    Clueless About Women

    Jenn Tisdale, comedian and BFF of the podcast, joins the Suns Cinema conversation about women in film. The crew also take a closer look at director Amy Heckerling's 1995 "Clueless" and discuss films passing or failing the Bechdel Test.

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    This episode the Suns Cinema team reviews February's theme of Do The Right Thing and look forward to the March offerings featuring films directed by women. They also cast their ballots for the 2018 Academy Awards.

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    All The Presidents are Men

    In honor of Presidents Day, this week the guys from Suns Cinema take a look at presidential films, discuss the happenings at Suns, and wax poetic about some of their earliest movie experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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    Winter Looms Large

    Guest Host Jenn Tisdale joins Jason and Dave during this week's podcast to examine Winter movies and why we love being cinematically trapped with psychos, weirdos, and grumpy old men. The crew also takes a look at movies for Valentine's Day and latest happenings and coming attractions to Suns Cinema.

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    More Than a Month / Flipadelphia

    Dawne Langford joins the show to talk about her projects, the month of film programming at SUNS and football / Philadelphia films.

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    Groundhog Dog

    Heido Ho, Campers! Rise and Shine! And don’t forget your booties, cause it’s cold out there!

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    Manhunter, Etc

    The guys have a lot to say about Manhunter, The Game & a few other films on this week's episode of the SUNS Cinema Podcast.

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    This episode of is all about detectives. Writer Jenn Tisdale joins as a guest

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    Month of Murder (Mysteries)

    This week on SUNS Cinema Podcast, Jason, Ryan & David discuss murder mysteries with special guest Svetlana Legetic, founder of Brightest Young Things.

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